[bha size=’125×125′ variation=’04’ align=’alignleft’] Sidebar are looking good for a Website but if they are sticky then it would be great in web appearance. Every blogger is thinking that his/her website needs a sidebar which shows Sticky Sidebar or Stocky Ads in the sidebar.

After normal traffic, I was thinking that my website should have a sticky sidebar and I need to put certain ads or relevant information in it. So I searched for a plugin namely “Q2W3 Fixed Widget“.

Today, I will talk more about “Q2W3 Fixed Widget” plugin.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget

Q2W3 Fixed Widget
Q2W3 Fixed Widget

As per the name, Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin provides sticky widgets on the sidebar. Even you could use this for more widgets on the same sidebar.

On the www.ultimateblogger.net site’s right side, you will see Google Ads widgets and it is sticky.

So using this demo might be you have got an idea how this plugin will work.

  1. Download Q2Q3 Fixed Widget plugin from here and active it.
  2. Go to the admin panel >> Appearance >> Fixed Widget Options. You will get below screenshot option setting page.

    Fixed Widget Option Page
    Fixed Widget Option Page
  3. As shown in the above screenshot, You need to add stop id. It means When you add sticky widgets on the sidebar and scrolling down to the bottom, if there is any another section available then it will overwrite the section. Please check the screenshot. I have added footer_widgets as an HTML Stop Id. So, when sticky widgets are scrolling and when they are near to footer Widget then it will work as a normal.

How to set widget as a Sticky widget

  1. Go to the widget area and open the widget which you want to keep it as sticky.

    Fixed Widget Swachchand
    Fixed Widget Swachchand
  • At the bottom of the widget, you will a checkbox with the name “Fixed Widget” as shown in the above screenshot. Please click and save it.
  • Go to the front end and check the sidebar, You will see the sticky widget.

Using this plugin you will get,

  • More clicks for the ads.
  • More subscriptions if you put subscription box there.
  • You could launch your new product.

For more details please watch a demo here.


Hope this post is helpful to you. Please share your comments below to comment box if you have any queries.