Hello Howdy,

Welcome to Swachchand. Do you know we can send our blog post updates in the mail to our subscribers from Mailchimp Newsletter? Yes. We can send it. So today we are going to discuss in this article about WordPress blog posts and Mailchimp integration to send WordPress blog to Mailchimp Subscriber. So please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Login into Mailchimp Account

Please login to the Mailchimp account from here. if you haven’t login yet then you can register from here.  After login, you will be redirected to the dashboard page.

On the dashboard, you will see the number of subscribers which is called now Audience.


Step 2: Create an Automation Email

On the top menu, you will see the automate menu. When you click it, a submenu will open please click on the Email menu.


When you clicked on the email, Create an Automation Email popup will be opened. Please click to Share Blog Updates section.



After that, you will see Share blog updates popup. On that popup, it will ask you to put your campaign name and select your audience list. For the free MailChimp account, you can create a single Audience list.

Please make a note in the Mailchimp’s new version, we are calling the Audience instead of the list. Previously we were calling List.

Please enter the campaign name which you want and select your Audience list and click on the Begin button. I have selected it as shown in the screenshot.


Step 3: RSS feed and send timing

In this step, you need to add your WordPress blog feed URL and how to enter the time at which you want to send emails to the Audience.


If you don’t know your feed URL then just put feed word in the like and check in the browser if you see feed XML. e.g. our blog link is https://www.swachchand.com and we will put feed in the URL so URL will be https://www.swachchand.com/feed. When we hit this URL, it will show data in XML format.


After selecting the time, please click on the Next button.

Step 4:  Select recipients

On this step, you need to select to whom you want to send the blog updates. I would like to recommend to select the Entire Audience option. This will send blog updates to all the audiences who subscribed in the MailChimp.


Step 5: Enter Campaign Details

In this step, you need to enter your campaign details. I have filled it with my information. you can see in the YouTube video, what I have selected.

After filling the information, please click on the Next button.

Step 6: Select a template

This is another main step where you need to select an email template. You can select any template as per your design.

if you selected any template then you can change the design of the template in the design step so don’t worry about the template design.

I would be recommended to select Column – Full Width template type. After selecting the template,  please click on the Next button.


Step 7: Design Template

This is another main step in our process. Here we need to do creativity to look better at our email template.

We are going to send our blog details to the audience hence we needed RSS feed blocks. You can use any blocks which you want to use but please do not forget to insert RSS blocks.

I have shown how to design a template in the YouTube video which is added in the last. Please check it.



Step 8: Confirm

In this step, Mailchimp will ask to confirm our settings. If there are no issues then you will get You’re all set to send! message on the screen.


If all is set, then click on Finish…..

And that’s it. you did it. Congratulations.

Please view the video on YouTube.