Hello Howdy, Welcome to the Swachchand!! WordPress is the best CMS nowadays and easy to do the setup. I’m writing this blog for WordPress beginners who want to know how to install WordPress on the localhost. please follow the below step to install WordPress on localhost.

Step 1: Install the local server software.

To install WordPress on the localhost, we need to install server like XAMPP or WAMP. This software contains PHP, Apache, and MySQL. Both software is free and you can install anyone. If you have installed them then please skip this step.

Installation Source:

I’m not going to tell in the detail how to install this software as they are easy to install. If you have any issue then do let me know via a comment to contact form.

Please start the software which you just installed on your localhost.

  • Note: This is localhost software only. Please do not try to install it on the server.

Step 2: Create a Database

After starting XAMPP or WAMP, your localhost will start. To test it please open http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ URL in the browser and then you will see the database screen like shown in the screenshot.


Now follow the below steps to create a database.

a) Click on the ‘new‘ button.
b) Enter your database name. ( I have put demo name for my database.)
c) click on create button

After creating the database below are the database details of your database. Please make a not for localhost default username is root and password is blank (empty)

  • Database name: demo
  • Username: root
  • Password:

Step 3: Download WordPress

This is an important step where you need to download WordPress from https://wordpress.org/ website. wordpress.org is an official website of WordPress where you can download free plugins and themes from here. WordPress is totally free.

a) Click on the ‘Get started’ link.

install wordpress

b) Click on the download WordPress button.

install wordpress

c) After download the zip file please extract it somewhere. We will need that folder in the next step.


Step 4: Install WordPress

This is another important process and please do the needful it. Please follow the below steps.

a) Now create a folder (your project name) under you XAMPP or WAMP. I’m using XAMPP so I have created a demo folder under D:\xampp\htdocs\demo this path.
I have installed XAMPP in ‘D’ drive so my folder path is starting from ‘D’ drive.

b) Place the WordPress files inside this folder which we extract from the downloaded zip. After placing the WordPress files your folder will look like the below screenshot.


c) Open URL in the browser:
Earlier I have explained that default PHPMyAdmin URL is http://localhost/phpmyadmin . to open your folder in the browser, just remove phpmyadmin and place your folder name. In my case demo is folder name so I put demo and now my URL became http://localhost/demo.

By hitting this URL, you will be redirected to http://localhost/demo/wp-admin/setup-config.php where now you need to select an option. It’s the first main step to install WordPress.

1) Select Langauge:

Please select the language in which you want to use WordPress. I have select English ( United States ) and click on continue.



2) Click on the ‘Let’s Go’ button.

on the next screen they will ask us to create database details which we have already created in the previous step so please click on the ‘Let’s Go’ button.


3) Enter Database Details:

On this screen, you need to put database details which we save in the previous step. I have put mine details.

Database Name: demo

Username: root (root is the default username for localhost)

Password: Password is blank for the localhost

Database Host: default is localhost

Table Prefix: ubd_ ( Table prefix means what initial prefix you want to add for your database table. You can add any words but make sure that you will add words with ‘_’).


4) Run the installation:

After entering all the information, finally, we need to click on the ‘Run installation’ button for the next step.

5) Enter Website Details:

This is the last step of WordPress installation on the Localhost. Please enter your website details. I have put mine as shown in the fig.


Please use a strong username and password for your website which will secure your website. Username and password will ask for the admin login so please keep at a safe place.

After filling information, click on the “Install WordPress” button.

6) Success.

That’s It. You did it Howdy. if you get this success screen then it means you have successfully installed WordPress on the localhost.



Please click on Log in to see your WordPress Dashboard.

That’s it. We did the installation on localhost howdy. Please follow the steps and do let me know if you are facing any issue.


Please watch “how to install wordpress on localhost” on You Tube.