Hello Howdy,

Welcome to Swachchand, Do you know we can use YouTube subscriber button on our website? If not then let’s discuss how to embed Youtube Subscribe Button To your Website. For WordPress theme, there are many best plugin which adds subscribe button but today we will see without a plugin.

Step 1: Go to the YouTube developer page.

Go the https://developers.google.com/youtube/youtube_subscribe_button  link that will guide us on our youtube channel configuration.

Step 2: Configure a Button

In the step, you need to configure your button.

Please enter your channel name or Channel ID and not your name.

To get channel Id, go to your YouTube channel.


Copy this ID and replace it in the below section.

After replacing ID, you will see the real Subscriber numbers next to the button.

Select your layout for the button. If you select full then the button will be displayed in the full width.

All the applied configuration setting’s preview will display at the bottom.

Step 3: Copy & Place code

You will see the code in the box. please copy the entire code and paste where you want to place it in your files and upload it on the server.

That’s It.  Refresh your web page and you will see the YouTube Subscribe button on the website.