Hello Howdy,

Welcome to Swachchand. I hope you have started your glob website and YouTube channel recently and searching for the tool which will allow you to create FREE Blog or YouTube Thumbnail for you. If you see our YouTube channel then you will get an idea of how we are creating  YouYube thumbnails. Even if you check our home then you will realize how we are making thumbnails for BLog and YouTube.

To create thumbnails, we need designing knowledge but the tool on which I’m talking about needs only creative skills. This means how you are thinking and how you are presenting your thumbnails in front of viewers.

The tool is nothing but the most popular website and the name is CANVA.

Yes. Canva is the world’s leading online design platform where you can create images for the below categories.

  • Instagram Post
  • Logo
  • Poster
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Facebook Profile Picture,
  • Facebook Post
  • Facebook Covers
  • Youtube Thumbnails
  • YouTube channel Arts
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Blogger Images
  • Custom Dimentation

You can select any custom dimension to create an image. if you don’t know the image dimension for blog images or youtube thumbnail, then select the provided category.

Let’s see in detail how we can create an image.

STEP 1:  Login / Register

If you visit the first time then please register on the site.

You can visit this link for signup https://www.canva.com/signup  and  https://www.canva.com/login for login.

After login, you will see the dashboard.

STEP 2: Create a Design

On the right top side, you will see Create a design button. Please check on it and select the YouTube Thumbnail option.

After selecting this option, you will redirect to a new window where you can see the blank editor.

On the right side menu, you will see the default options provided by Canva which are default.


Templates are a predefined set of images from Canva which you can edit or changed while creating the thumbnail.

Templates are categories well next to the right side menu. you can see them on the show in the below screenshot.



Upload is the next section where you will see all your uploaded images and icons here.

You can upload SVG files too. You can upload videos too here.

You can directly drag and drop images from anywhere on the window.



Here is you will get all the types of collections. Photos are based upon categories like Schools, books, Food, beach, etc.

You can download more Royalty free photos and can upload them into Canva.


Elements are the set of icons.  like, Grid, Shapes, Frame, Icons, etc.

You can use any free icon from here.

If you don’t like any icon then you can download more icons from the Icon Finder website.


This is the main feature of any editor software where we can add text to the images.

Here are many types for free and premium fonts are available.

You will get more predefined text templates here which we need to use while creating images.


Here will be a list of videos by Canva. You can use videos from here in your YouTube videos.


You can select a background color from here. You can apply the gradient effect also from here.

STEP 3: Apply Design

1) From the background section, please scroll a bit. You will see the below image. Click on it so it will apply to our image. For the testing purchase, I have taken this background. You can take any background from here.


2) Now upload your image or any image and place it at the right side. I have uploaded one YouTube logo in the upload section. Then I have selected it and placed it on the left of the side.

3) Now from the Text section, Get any text template and placed on the right side.

Replace your text with your Title. I have added, “Create YouTube Thumbnail FREE“.  

Adjust the text as per your requirement. I have placed it at right.


4) Upload your Logo if needed as shown in the below image.

Her is your thumbnail is ready.


As per this article, you can review Canva and can create any type of thumbnails. I have created above thumbnail for an explanation, you can review it can create better thumbnail than me.

Please see our video on canvas in Hindi at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bykVuzKDoU